Beyond Here


Map makers used to draw dragons at the edge of the explored ocean. “Beyond here be dragons” was the accepted view of what lay beyond the horizon. Beyond Here is a project I began with some trepidation, not for fear of uncharted waters, but rather for fear of not being able to find uncharted waters. The ocean is big enough to hold any metaphor, and its meanings have been explored by artists for ages.

Unsure of a claim to originality, it was tempting to abandon this project at its inception. Abandonment, as it turned out, would form the key element of this series.

The project started by accident on a still January evening. I was packing up my camera equipment after a cold day working alongside the Atlantic Ocean for the Floating Stones series. My concentration was spent. It was a relief to simply watch the ocean for a few minutes before hiking back to the car. Feeling light, I unpacked the camera and took a few frames of the sea without using a tripod. Before long an unlikely giddiness blew in on the winter wind. I began taking long exposures while panning from side, then while walking forwards and backwards. I took unfocused photos, underexposed photos, and overexposed photos. It was a complete abandonment of traditional landscape photography methods and a glorious waste of film.

Some time later I scanned the collection of imperfect images into a computer and re-assembled the scene into a single photograph. One view was created from several different approaches to photographing it. Here was the new horizon I was looking for. Let Beyond Here be a place for your own thoughts...ultimately every view of the ocean is one’s own.