Garden Photography in Victoria, BC and on Vancouver Island

It is fortunate to be a Victoria, BC-based garden photographer, as Victoria is always growing its reputation as the "City of Gardens." Gardening and photography are similar pursuits in the sense of ordering colors, textures, and shapes into something that captivates the eye. I view garden photography as gardening within a garden, as photography imposes a formal 2 dimensional composition on a 3 dimensional space that can be seen from unlimited angles. Even the smallest gardens have a magical quality if you look close enough. I am always looking for a photograph that transports the viewer into a storybook landscape.

The gardens photographs above are from a selection of Vancouver Island's finest public gardens: Butchart Gardens, Hatley Park Gardens at Royal Roads, Abkhazi Garden, Government House Gardens, the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, Beacon Hill Park, and Finnerty Gardens.